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A line of Opening Doors volunteers

Volunteers are one of our community’s greatest resources.

People like you, who give their time, energy, and talents - to walk alongside newcomers on their path to stability, self-sufficiency, and belonging - are essential to our ability to deliver quality services.

Step 1: Apply Online

To begin volunteering, please fill out our online application. 

Opening Doors offers two levels of volunteering: Welcome Volunteers and Good Neighbor Volunteers.  

Welcome Volunteers are individuals who support significant transition points in client's lives. Tasks may include picking up clients from the airport, transporting them to and from appointments, collecting and sorting through donations, etc. We require welcome volunteers to complete at least 4 hours of service a month.  

Good Neighbor Volunteers are individuals who are trained by program staff to complete various administrative duties such as organizing client files and providing direct services to clients. Tasks may include preparing Temporary Protected Status cases, providing childcare for our Afghan Women’s Wellness Group, designing flyers and promotional materials for clients enrolled in our Economic Prosperity Program, etc. We require Good Neighbor volunteers to complete at least three hours of service a week.

Step 2: Screening

After filling out the online application, you will be contacted within one to three business days to schedule a brief phone screening with the volunteer coordinator.  

During the screening, we will learn more about your interests and background to determine the best placement.  

Upon completion of the phone screening, you will be required to complete a background check. The cost of the background check, approximately $16, is payable directly to the records check company and may be tax-deductible. 

Step 3: Onboarding

After determining the best placement, you will receive a welcome email outlining your start date and any additional steps you may need to take.  

Before you begin volunteering, you will be required to attend an orientation.  

Following general orientation, you will receive program specific training relevant to your position. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Airport Pick Up

As an Airport Pick Up Volunteer, you will warmly greet newcomers upon arrival, help them navigate through the airport to baggage claim, and finally, bring them to their temporary or permanent residence.

Application Preparer

As an application preparer volunteer, you will work directly with a clinic participant to ask them questions and review their documents in order to complete their immigration application. You may also work with an interpreter, as needed.

Cultural Orientation Transportation

As a cultural orientation transportation volunteer, you will need to coordinate with clients the day prior to schedule a time to pick them up from their home and transport them back to their home after completion of the course.

Furniture Transportation Support

As a furniture transportation support volunteer, you will support moving furniture to and from donors’ homes to the apartment or house of the intended recipient.

Graphic Design

As a graphic design volunteer, you will work closely with our Economic Prosperity team to design promotional materials for clients enrolled in our services. You will receive design requests on a bi-weekly basis.

ILS Administrative Assistant

As an administrative assistant volunteer, you will work with members of the ILS team on a variety of projects. Throughout the duration of a legal case, ILS staff may need to print, copy, and scan important documents, as well as keep track of case details.

Laptop Distribution

As a laptop distribution volunteer, you will help prepare laptops for case managers and partner agencies, keep track of inventory, input completed signature forms into Excel, scan completed forms into SharePoint, etc.

Loan Committee

Serve on a committee with four to seven other volunteers from the Sacramento business and professional sectors to review loans over ten thousanddollars for our microlending program.

Printing Station

As a printing station volunteer, you will help with copying, scanning, and printing applications and other documents during legal clinics.


As a research volunteer, you will work directly with an attorney and legal assistant to assist in the development of a legal case for current clients.

RR Administrative Assistant

As an administrative assistant volunteer, you will work with members of the Refugee Programs (RP) team on a variety of projects. Throughout the duration of your service, RP staff may need support printing, copying, and scanning important documents, as well as keeping track of case details.

Storage Unit Organization

As a storage unit organization volunteer, you will work with the volunteer coordinator to organize donations in an efficient manner to maximize space and make items easily accessible for case managers and clients.

Translation and Interpretation

Interpretation will involve working with clinic participants and an attorney preparer as they complete immigration applications. Current clinic participants speak Dari, Farsi, and/or Pashto.

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