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Serving Northern California since 1993

We began in 1993 as a refugee resettlement organization called the Sacramento Refugee Ministry. In 2002, after a great deal of growth, we incorporated into our own 501(c)(3) non-profit organization known as Opening Doors, Inc. Today we serve a wide variety of newcomers – immigrants, refugees, and survivors of trafficking – as they establish lives of stability, self-sufficiency, and belonging.

Mission Statement

A refugee mother and her two teenage daughters

Opening Doors’ mission is to enrich communities by supporting immigrants, refugees, and survivors of trafficking on their path to stability, self-sufficiency, and belonging.

Our Values

    We are in this together and depend on each other.
    We recognize and honor everyone’s strength and inherent dignity.
    We do the right thing, even when the path is uncertain.
    We take time to be together, celebrating our diverse cultures and recognizing our victories.

A place all neighbors are proud to call home

The journey of immigrants, refugees, and survivors of trafficking coming to the U.S. is complicated, exhausting and often dangerous. For many, they’re not only leaving difficult circumstances – they’re introduced to new challenges as soon as they arrive. From financial to language barriers, bureaucratic to cultural barriers – the obstacles can be overwhelming. We’re here to ensure all newcomers have the tools they need to thrive.
We believe their unwavering commitment to building a better life for themselves and their families is truly inspiring and should be met with compassion and support. Our neighbors deserve our best selves. That’s what it means to be a neighbor – to receive people with open hearts, open minds, and open arms.

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