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Helping Heal Past Trauma

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Promoting mental and physical wellness

Opening Doors’ Mental Health Programs provide timely access to culturally-responsive behavioral health support, including in-house family and individual counseling. We support immigrants and refugees that have endured traumatic stressors, are experiencing domestic violence, and those with other mental health concerns. Additionally, our Afghan Womens’ Wellness Program supports Afghan women on their paths towards an enhanced sense of community connectedness, life satisfaction, and mental wellness.

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Mitigating barriers to care for immigrants and refugees

Migrants and refugees contribute fully to society when they have equal access to quality healthcare. Before, during, and after their migration journey, they endure stress factors which can affect their mental health and well-being: poor living or working conditions, unemployment, assimilation difficulties, racism and exclusion, and social isolation. Providing trauma-informed mental health care and ensuring timely diagnosis and treatment is shown to increase newcomers’ overall health and stability.

SOURCE: “Mental health and forced displacement,” World Health Organization, 2021

Mental Health Program Services

  • In-house family and individual counseling
  • Culturally- and religiously-appropriate trauma care and case management
  • Wellness classes for Afghan women
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