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An immigrant woman with her young daughter


Uplifting Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Nurturing Healthier Communities

Opening Doors’ Health Programs cater to the diverse physical and mental health needs of immigrants and refugees. By prioritizing preventative measures and health education, we empower individuals with the knowledge and resources needed to take charge of their wellbeing. We provide timely intervention and direct response services to address urgent health concerns. Every individual is equipped with the tools and support necessary to navigate healthcare systems and lead fulfilling lives.

A man with his young son
Two young immigrant women laughing together

Afghan Women's Wellness Program

Our Afghan Women’s Wellness Program educates and supports Afghan women on their paths toward an enhanced sense of community connectedness, life satisfaction, and mental wellness. This program offers 12-week educational workshops and provides linkages to community resources and services.

Afghan Men’s Wellness Program

Our Afghan Men’s Wellness Program promotes safe and healthy relationship skills to engage boys and men as allies through domestic violence prevention workshops. This program also provides socio-emotional learning workshops for youths and couples workshops for adults. Additional support in navigating domestic violence resources and services is available as needed.


Community Mental Health Navigation Program

Our Community Mental Health Navigation Program reduces mental health stigma and discrimination through prevention and intervention services. This program offers mental wellbeing workshops, support in navigating physical and mental health services, and referrals to therapy services.

Children’s Holistic Immigration Representation Project (CHIRP): Social Services

CHIRP provides holistic, wraparound services to unaccompanied, undocumented minors (UUM) through legal representation and social services. Case managers facilitate care coordination and navigation and provide non-clinical support through social-emotional education and coping skills.


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