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Expanding Economic Opportunity

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Supporting newcomers’ path to self-sufficiency

Opening Doors’ Economic Prosperity Programs offer microenterprise loans and business counseling to immigrants and refugees with limited credit history or who are unfamiliar with mainstream financial institutions to build their financial education, financial capability, and increase their assets and earning potential. Opening Doors is Sacramento’s only Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) specializing in microlending to newcomer communities.

In partnership with Los Rios Community College District, we also provide support to immigrants and refugees to help plan and start careers in Health, Business, Early Childhood Education, Entrepreneurship, and Information Technology.

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Immigrants and refugees are entrepreneurs and powerful contributors to our economy

In communities across the country, immigrants and refugees have stood out from the broader population by the high rate at which they have created jobs and opportunity for other U.S. workers. In 2015, 13.0 percent of refugees and 11.5 percent of immigrants were entrepreneurs — significantly above the 9.0 percent entrepreneurship rate for the U.S.-born population. That same year, refugee-owned businesses brought in $4.6 billion in business income.

SOURCE: “From Struggle to Resistance: The Economic Impact of Refugees in America,”
June 2017, New American Economy

Economic Prosperity Program Services

  • Microenterprise loans to support small business owners
  • Small business consultations and mentorship
  • Financial education workshops
  • Career-focused college and certification/licensing enrollment assistance including tuition support
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Support immigrants’ and refugees’ pathway to economic stability

Make a gift today to support newcomers’ ability to build a better life for their families.

Volunteers play a vital role in helping refugees and immigrants thrive. Apply today!

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