No Longer Alone in the World

No Longer Alone in the World

Freed Human Trafficking Victim Reunited with Her Three Kids

Living in Guatemala, I was not able to find a job to provide for my three children. A man from my town said he would help me get a job in the United States. I left my children with my mother. Once I was in the United States, it was not like what he had said. I was forced to sell myself at night and work in the man’s house as a servant during the day. He and his friends threatened me with guns if I did not do what they said. The FBI came one day and freed me. A woman from the FBI called Opening Doors who picked me up from the hotel I was in and found me a home. I feel comfortable asking Opening Doors for my needs. I know that Opening Doors does whatever it can to help.

My lawyer, the FBI, and Opening Doors worked together to bring my children to me. When my son was sick last November, Opening Doors brought us to the hospital and took care of him. Opening Doors helped me receive all my benefits and everything that I have, like my furniture, money and clothing is thanks to them.

I feel happier and healthier because I have a place to live and health coverage for my children and me. Having my children with me, recovering and being independent is what I have achieved. I move around more and have my own life. I have changed since Opening Doors came into my life. Before then, I felt alone in the world. Now I know I have somebody by my side that I can rely on and that they are able to help me. I am forever grateful to Opening Doors and to everyone that works there.

I give you thanks from the bottom of my heart.

March 2011

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