After the Escape

After the Escape

Young Girl Escapes Forced Prostitution and Gains a Bright Future

Ejera was only 14 years old when her mother, whom she had only met a couple times in her life, asked her to join her in Sacramento. She had hopes of what life would be like once she was reunited with her mother. But that dream quickly turned into a nightmare when Ejera moved in with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Ejera’s mother forced her to work long hours as her personal housekeeper. One night the boyfriend told Ejera she needed to start making money to earn her keep. He forced Ejera into child prostitution. When Ejera told her mother what the boyfriend had made her do, the mother only accused Ejera of wanting to steal her boyfriend and threatened her with abuse and deportation if she were to cause any more trouble. Ejera did what she was told. This horrific situation worsened when one man the boyfriend arranged for her to meet, refused to pay and instead put a gun to her head forcing her to continue. Soon after her 17th birthday Ejera, so desperate that she no longer cared about the threats made against her, ran away. She was soon connected with Opening Doors, which was able to find her safe housing, mental health services, and even admission to community college.

Ejera is a girl that giggles when she is nervous and worries more about others than she does about herself. She does not understand why she still loves her mother when it is clear her mother does not love her. Ejera has hopes of becoming a psychiatrist or an astronaut. She looks forward to going to a four year university and starting her own life.

December 2010

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