Refugee Resettlement Program

Guiding refugees through all aspects of resettlement and acclimation to their new community during their first 90 days, in affiliation with our headquarters, Church World Service.

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About Refugee Resettlement

Before a refugee’s arrival, Opening Doors locates and prepares a fully furnished apartment. Our staff and volunteers meet the clients at the airport to provide transportation to their new home. As we work with refugees, we enroll them in various community programs including English as a Second Language and job readiness training. Opening Doors provides a cultural orientation, enrolls children in school, and sets the clients up with a primary care physician, among many other things

In addition to enrolling clients in services, our staff act as advocates to ensure that clients receive access to any resources they may need. We remain in regular contact with our families, providing guidance as they become self-sufficient, self-reliant and productive members of the Sacramento community.

After the 90-day resettlement period, families can be enrolled in our other programs including intensive case management, counseling services, legal services, or our microlending program.

In 2017, Opening Doors welcomed 1,027 refugees and SIVs to Sacramento, and 573 refugees and SIVs in 2018.

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