Community Council:

Unveiling Sacramento's Best-Kept Secret


February 2015

The Community Council allows volunteers to learn about Opening Doors and encourages community connections. Joining the Community Council is a great opportunity to get more involved with Opening Doors and help your community.

Council Outreach
Community Council members supported Opening Doors at an outreach event.

The city of Sacramento boasts numerous attractions for visitors and natives. Historic areas like Old Town Sacramento feature a number of small shops and the train museum. Midtown Sacramento boasts a variety of restaurants, small boutiques, and nightlife. Then there is one of Sacramento’s best-kept secrets: a small non-profit called Opening Doors. Opening Doors has been empowering underserved Sacramento area residents since 1993, yet many living in the Sacramento area are still not aware of our position in the community. Conscious of this, Opening Doors established a Community Council to share our mission with the broader community.


The Council’s purpose is to form new and stronger connections between Opening Doors and the community. Council members serve as representatives of our mission. Members are actively involved in civic groups, church congregations, and other clubs or establishments, and each council member extends information about Opening Doors to their respective communities. 


The council is also an avenue for becoming more involved with Opening Doors. Council members learn about our programs, participate in events, and learn more about the people we serve. They receive regular updates and presentations from Opening Doors staff, which allows council members keep abreast of the needs and affairs of Opening Doors.


The council is still in its early stages but its membership is growing, as is its leadership potential. As the council seeks to increase participation, it has served as a stepping stool for some of its past members to move on to bigger things within the organization. For example, several council members applied for internships and job openings, and are now a part of the Opening Doors staff. Their hard work and passion for helping others led them to more involved positions within the organization.  


With the New Year upon us, the council is in full force to recruit more members. The council seeks people who are active in their communities, not afraid to network, and committed to helping others. Greater numbers will allow the council to target a broader range of communities, organizations, and individuals. Opening Doors is one of Sacramento’s best-kept secret, but with time, all secrets are revealed. Join the Community Council and help share Opening Doors with the world.



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