Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions - Preferred Communities:

Q: Why is the program called Preferred Communities
A: The term refers to resettlement locations that offer excellent opportunities for the integration and resettlement of the most vulnerable newly and recently arrived refugees. Resettlement sites across the U.S. offer PC programs, with two being hosted in Sacramento.

Q: Who is eligible to enroll?
A: Individuals are enrolled who meet the following requirements: possession of refugee status; arrival to the U.S./status granted dating back to no more than five years; and have documented/identifiable special and unique needs. See Preferred Communities Program for more detailed eligibility information. If multiple members of a family demonstrate program eligibility, they will be enrolled on an individual basis.

Q: How does the referral and enrollment process work?
A: To obtain a referral form or speak directly about a referral, please contact Alyssa Van Hofwegen, Intensive Case Manager Clients referred to the PC program complete an intake with the Intensive Case Manager. If the individual demonstrates program eligibility, he or she will complete an assessment to identify specific areas of vulnerability and determine final eligibility for enrollment.  

Q: What support can I expect from the PC Program?
A: The PC Program recognizes the resiliency of vulnerable refugees who face unique barriers as they adjust to their new life in the United States. Using a strengths-based approach, the Intensive Case Manager meets with the participant to complete an assessment and develop an individualized, goal-oriented plan to help them overcome barriers to integration, stability, and self-sufficiency. The program will provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services, and ensure that language assistance is provided to Limited English Proficiency (LEP) clients.    
The PC program at Opening Doors is committed to continuously identifying and enhancing appropriate community services and resources in order to best support the specific goals of the client and the overall situation of vulnerable refugee populations.   

Q: Do program participants receive financial help?
A: No. Refugees who participate in this program receive case management only that is individualized and goal-driven.

Q: How long can an individual be enrolled on the PC Program?
A: PC program participants generally receive intensive case management for 6-12 months. Unique circumstances can influence the reduction or extension of this service period.  

Q: I arrived to the U.S. as a refugee, but I have lived here longer than five years. Can I still enroll in the PC program?
A: Please contact Alyssa Van Hofwegen, Intensive Case Manager at or (916) 492-2591 x225.

Q: I am a community partner and believe I can provide resources or professional, volunteer, or interpreter services to support vulnerable refugees enrolled in the PC Program.
A: Wonderful! At this time we are specifically looking to fill the following volunteer roles:

  • Interpreters, over-the-phone and in-person (Dari/Pashto, Arabic)
  • Public transportation guides – provide training and accompany refugees on public transportation to increase their confidence navigating the Sacramento area.

Please contact Alyssa Van Hofwegen, Intensive Case Manager at or (916) 492-2591 x225.