Sac Valley Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collaboration


Opening Doors has a unique connection to returned Peace Corps volunteers: when Peace Corps volunteers first go into the field, they must adapt to the lifestyle of the local community. This cultural immersion reflects the same experience that refugees and immigrants encounter as they learn to live in America.


Please visit the Sac Valley RPCV website!




Sac Valley RPCV are encouraged to become involved with Opening Doors through volunteer opportunities. Learn about Refugee Mentorships here.


Quarterly Collaboration




Each quarter, the Sac Valley Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) join together to raise money for a local nonprofit with a mission that aligns with the goals and values of the Sac Valley RPCV membership. From October to December of 2013, Sac Valley RPCV fundraised for Opening Doors. We greatly appreciate the support the Sac Valley RPCV gave us in 2013.


If you are an RPCV and would like to make a donation, please visit our donation page. We appreciate your support!