An Anonymous Donor Provides a Critical Resource


For years Opening Doors struggled with a problem. Survivors of human trafficking and newly-arriving refugees needed beds, tables and chairs, lighting, linens, kitchenware, and other items as we helped them move into their new apartments. Generous community members were eager to donate items to our clients, but rarely did the timing of the giving match the timing of the need. The donated furnishings would need to be transported and stored until used, but we had extremely limited storage space and only occasional access to a small pickup truck.


Sometimes a small miracle happens, as it did in 2009. A generous member of our community who wishes to remain anonymous saw one of our fliers about human trafficking. He was startled at the notion of slavery in our midst. He got in touch with us, learned about our work with trafficking victims and refugees. He also asked about our needs. On this, he got an earful.


Our Anonymous Donor solved our years of grief with one giant gift: three storage units (10 x 20 each) and the use of large delivery truck as needed. Furniture donations can now be accepted when they are offered and kept safely until they are needed. When a trafficking survivor or refugee family arrives, we can move the needed items into an apartment with a single trip. We can pick up donated items often at the convenience of the donor or according to our monthly pick-up schedule. We are saving staff hours and better and better serving our clients in this and other ways with the hours saved.


What a wonderful gift!