Opening Doors Staff


Deborah Ortiz
Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 207


Christelle Picque

Director of Operations

Ext. 206, French


Andria Le

Office Manager/Volunteer Coordinator

Ext. 230


Ana Vega

Administrative Assistant

Ext. 200, Spanish



Akiva Israel

Communication Officer & Development Associate

Ext. 205


Juan Carlos Rodrigo-Miranda


Ext. 228, Spanish


Grace Feinberg

Accounting Assistant

Ext. 208


Simin Paiman

Accounting Assistant




Director of Prosperity Project

Ext. 210


Eugene Komlyk
Business Specialist
Ext. 220, Russian


Mohammed Mahmood
Business Specialist
Ext. 221, Arabic


Qais Mehraban

Business Loan Specialist
Ext. 204, Dari, Farsi, Hindi


Florence Amin

Childcare Project Coordinator

Ext. 209, Dari, Farsi, Pashtu, Urdu, Hindi


Milagros Gomez

Economic Development Coordinator

Ext. 213, Spanish




Refugee Resettlement Program


Azra Bajramovic
Refugee Resettlement Program Manager

Ext. 203, Russian, Bosnian


Alyssa Van Hofwegen

Intensive Case Manager

Ext. 225

Elizabeth Stanley

Lead Refugee Case Worker

Ext. 224


Russul Roumani
Refugee Case Coordinator & Outreach Specialist for Childcare Project
Ext. 216, Arabic


Hamidullah Hamidy

Refugee Case Worker

Ext. 215, Dari, Pashto


Ahmad Ibrahimi

Refugee Case Worker

Ext. 217, Pashto, Dari, Farsi, Urdu 

Qusay Abdulqader
Refugee Case Worker

Ext. 240, Arabic

Hathal Almosleh
Refugee Case Worker

Ext. 236, Arabic


Adam Godbey
Refugee Case Worker & Volunteer Coordinator

Ext. 234


Neptoune Amin

Cultural Orientation Coordinator

Ext. 212, Dari, Pashto, Hindi, Urdu




Johana Millan
Survivors of Human Trafficking Program Manager
Ext. 202, Spanish

Alejandra Wence
Survivors of Human Trafficking Case Worker
Ext. 232, Spanish

Suzanna Moreno

Survivors of Human Trafficking Case Worker

Ext. 231


Rico Ozaki

Anti-Trafficking Coalition & Training Manager

Ext. 229



Gina Manciati
Staff Attorney

Ext. 227


Rory Selem

Legal Assistant

Ext. 238, Spanish