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Opening Doors Partners With Community to Give Survivors of Human Trafficking Resources and Support



Many of the human trafficking survivors who come to Opening Doors are alone, without friends or family to turn to. They do not have employment, credit or rental history, which leaves them with no place to live. Our partnerships in the community are vital to ensuring these survivors find safe and healthy homes.


Vicky is a longtime Opening Doors partner who is always willing to help. She manages properties in Sacramento and often goes out of her way to make apartments in her complex available for our participants, both trafficking victims and refugees alike.


She accommodates survivors by offering them half off their first month's rent and a reduced deposit. She sets apartments up with very short notice and donates any household goods or furniture she has available. Her generosity makes it possible for these survivors to have their first safe home after trafficking. More than just the services she offers, Vicky's friendly and welcoming demeanor provides comfort to survivors.


At this year's Survivors of Trafficking graduation ceremony, Vicky heard the compelling stories of several survivors who live in her complex and she received special recognition for her support. Carolina Estrada, Case Manager for the program, commended Vicky's willingness to help: "[Vicky] enjoys having families in her complex - the clients are always doing something communal, like playing soccer together. She really embraces them, and for refugees and survivors, having someplace welcoming and safe to live means a lot."


The supportive relationship between Vicky and the survivors who live in her complex epitomizes the type of connections our program provides. At the graduation, current and graduated trafficking clients are encouraged to network with each other and other partners who can connect them to resources in the community. For many survivors, building relationships is a process that often takes time, and the graduation serves as a place for them to meet people they can relate to and network with.


Without people like Vicky, the obstacles survivors must overcome would seem impervious. However, with people to help them, survivors see that the road ahead of them is passable.