When I was single

By a South Asian Human Trafficking Survivor identified in Sacramento


When I was single
I have Freedom
When I became double
They always give me trouble


In many ways, shapes, and forms,
I was a slave and prisoner
They kept me fear
I can’t speak a word


I’ve been sitting around
This life
Not enough laugh
But too many tears


I felt gaping hole in my heart
I didn’t think I would be healed
I don’t know what to do
I just wanted to die, give up and quit


On the twenty fourth of July
They kicked me out
I stood myself up and make a call


Weave and Opening Doors
They only place
That gives with its whole heart
And asks so very little


I had new sense of freedom
With each day passing
I feel so great
I found my way


I meet wonderful staffs and friends
With kindness and care
I am a survivor
Because I am special


Lifelong lesson
Never to settle
To live for world
End modern day slavery now!


January 2011