Safari Spa

Single moms Sarah & Yavonne grow their business with the help of Opening Doors

Both single moms, Sarah & Yavonne started Safari Spa in Auburn in 2014.  Both of them had extensive experience at different spas, and they knew together they could create an environment that would be warm and inviting.

Two years later, after a few ups and downs, they found themselves in the kind of “cash crunch” many businesses do – they needed to expand and hire staff to meet new demand, but didn’t have the capital.  Unable to obtain bank financing, they reached out to Opening Doors, and in a very candid email to loan staff, they described the kind of financial sacrifices they have made in order to raise children and operate a business full-time.

After thorough review, a loan was approved, and immediately Sarah and Yavonne went to work on the expansion and improving their marketing.  Opening Doors will continue to work with Safari Spa, and all our clients, particularly to help them understand their financial books, and how to use those numbers to better understand their business.