Ruby’s Housecleaning
Woman Finds Financial Rewards and Personal Growth through Business Creation


Graciela was motivated to go into business by a desire to start something of her own. But without the right resources and assistance she didn’t know how to start. Through her involvement with a Toastmasters group that included Opening Doors staff, she learned about the agency’s Prosperity Project and how it helps individuals create economic opportunities for themselves.


Starting Ruby’s Housecleaning proved harder than Graciela imagined but the rewards were significant. Initially, she learned how to do her work more efficiently and communicate effectively with clients. She learned how much she should charge clients.


The challenge of running her own business has enabled Graciela to be more financially secure and to experience personal growth. Although her business has been running for some time, Graciela believes it is important to continue learning from the business education provided by Prosperity Project to expand and improve her company. As an employer, Graciela feels that it is essential to be a good leader. It is important to act on what you know and feel, showing people how to do something instead of simply telling them.


Although it has been a challenge to balance family and work, Gabriela is eager to continue her successful business. Graciela’s goal is to expand her operation by providing exceptional service, striving to be better than her competitors.


November 2007