Opening Doors' loan helps Olya open an Etsy shop


Olya (pronounced Ol-Ga) has been in Sacramento less than 2 years, arriving from Ukraine in 2014, with her husband and three children.  While in Ukraine, she learned the craft of creating decorative flowers and arrangements using simple ribbons.  After arriving in Sacramento and attending classes at American River College, she decided to turn her skill into a business.  With a small loan from Opening Doors, $3,000, Olya was able to purchase the sewing equipment and material needed to begin crafting floral buttons and other crafts that she sells on Etsy, Ebay, and at local consignment shops.  She still maintains a part-time job cleaning houses, but her business is slowly growing, and when she is ready, Opening Doors will be ready, too, to help grow her business further.


November 2016