The Importance of Volunteering
How a MoneyWork$ Graduate Gives Back



"Roxana is a beautiful person," says Maria Cetina, one of our star volunteers, about a long-time Opening Doors staff member.


Maria is a woman with many aspirations. As a small business owner, she strives for financial stability and entrepreneurial success. As a Mexican immigrant, she focuses on helping the local Hispanic community. As a volunteer, Maria passionately coordinates Business Expos - a platform for not only advertising her own business, but also for helping the local economy flourish.


Maria's success began when she started attending MoneyWork$ and Bank on Sacramento classes, where she met Roxana Calderon, our Hispanic Prosperity Program Manager. "Roxana is very nice to everyone and likes to help her community," Maria says. She cites Roxana's work, passion and expertise as the example she emulates as she supports one of Opening Doors' programs.


Maria took full advantage of our business seminars in order to improve her business acumen and is now using her hard earned knowledge to educate her community. She wants to see more economic opportunities for Hispanic business owners. She encourages them to reach out to new clients and other business owners by participating in the business expos.


The expos are unique opportunities for business owners to learn, network, and expand their business. By attending, they will increase their client base and connect with other business owners who can help them improve their business strategies. Maria hopes the program receives additional funding in order to expand the expos and create a responsible and united group to accomplish its goals.


The expos are reliant on volunteer participants and Maria primarily works as the secretary, keeping meeting agendas and minutes, and calling people to remind them about meetings. However, Roxana says that Maria is most influential with her testimonials. "She talks to people about how important the programs are at Opening Doors. Because of the coaching and support she received, she is at the Expos advertising her business."


Maria notes that all the Expo volunteer participants have a common desire to learn and give back to their community. For Maria, volunteering is about the reward of helping others without expecting anything in return.