Making it Count
A MoneyWork$ Graduate's Educational Journey


Spanish MoneyWork$ hosts stunning graduation ceremonies where current participants get to share their inspirational stories with family, friends and community partners. Graduates receive a certificate and earn a sense of pride for their accomplishments. It is a special moment for participants to share their successes and encourage each other to achieve their goals.


For many MoneyWork$ participants, their education does not end at graduation. One MoneyWork$ graduate named Blanca has become a regular ambassador for the program.


Blanca is both an independent distributor for a skincare line and also owns a photography and videography business. She enrolled in MoneyWork$ one year ago after a friend referred her to the program and she has not stopped since. MoneyWork$ taught Blanca how to be more conscious of her personal finances and she now saves an additional $300 per month by reducing expenses. At her graduation, Blanca felt very important to receive special recognition for this great achievement in front of her friends and family. Many friends and family members of participants have enrolled themselves in MoneyWork$ after attending these graduations. Blanca often refers people in her community to participate in Prosperity Project programs and contributed two recruits to the current MoneyWork$ cohort.


Blanca's education continues as she participates in a second MoneyWork$ cohort to reinforce existing habits and to learn new material. She also serves on the Business Expo Committee where she puts her entrepreneurial goals into action.


While steadily improving her business acumen, Blanca uses the Business Expos as a platform through which she can network with other small business owners, reach new clientele and increase sales for both of her small businesses.


Blanca's career is an inspiration for the community and proof that with a little education and support, a person can achieve goals with unprecedented success.