Your Time is a Gift

Community Council Update


November 2015

Your time can be one of the most valuable donations you can give, and Heather’s work with Opening Doors serves as an exceptional example of this.


Heather started her journey driven by her passion for social justice. She studied International Law and Human Rights at the University of Peace in Costa Rica and then served in the Peace Corps for a year. She returned home to Sacramento inspired by her experiences and dedication to helping others, so she became a volunteer at Opening Doors.


Heather joined the recently introduced Community Council and, like all Council members, immediately began to make valuable contributions towards its development. As a former intern, she was familiar with our programs and wanted to find a way to participate effectively. She stepped into a leadership role and took over significant administrative tasks. Debra DeBondt says, “The Council needs volunteer leadership, and Heather has done a great job. She shares our vision and knows how the Council can augment the staff’s ability to be out in the community.”


Heather believes in the importance of supporting the community and helping those in need. Supporting Opening Doors and serving in the Council is her special way of doing so. She expresses that “Every organization needs friends in multiple places… The council is a very flexible and strategic way to commit.”


This year, the Council built new relationships within the community, recruited volunteers, and promoted the programs that Opening Doors thrives on. Notable efforts include support of our annual Festival of Flavors fundraiser, gathering furniture donations, and uniting us with the United Methodist Church community.


Heather feels that the organization is fundamental to the gradual independence of refugees, immigrants, and human trafficking survivors, and encourages people to support and engage in this effort by becoming a member of the Community Council. Your time is a gift.


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