From Syria to Sacramento

Refugees Find a New Home


November 2015


Imagine a familiar place that once made you feel safe becoming somewhere that fills you with fear and anxiety. Millions of people across the globe feel this plight as they are forced to flee their homes, leave almost everything behind, and seek asylum from war and persecution. This is the life of a refugee.


An overwhelming 4.1 million Syrians are currently registered as refugees, the largest displacement since World War II. In the wake of the crisis in Syria, the U.S. has received only 1,554 Syrian refugees, and just under 100 have made it to Sacramento this year.


Out of the many U.S. cities to resettle in, Sacramento seems to be one of the preferred destinations of Syrian refugees. This may be because the Syrian community was established here a long time ago, and many have become successful professionals with the financial capacity and interest to mentor new arrivals.


Amira Kotb, Refugee Resettlement Program Manager explains, “[Mentoring] includes furnishing their apartments completely from A to Z, welcoming them at the airport, helping them with doctor appointments, and even donating used cars to them. [Mentors] make everything possible to support the newcomers.”


Communities that have stepped forward to help include many Syrian Americans, the Syrian American Council, the Muslim community of Folsom, the Bosnian community, and several local churches


Volunteer support is desperately needed at this time. We expect more than 70 refugee arrivals this month – double our usual caseload. Each family needs individualized guidance within their first three months to be successful. This is where volunteers can really make a difference.


If you are interested in volunteering or supporting Syrian refugees and others, you can fill out this form.


We need your help welcoming refugees at the airport, picking up furniture donations and delivering them, enrolling children at school, providing transportation to doctor appointments, mentoring refugees, and even donating used cars.

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