You Can Give a Safe Night:

New App Finds Beds for Survivors of Trafficking


By Priya Pratap

February 2016


SafeNight AppWhen a survivor escapes their trafficker, one of the first things they need is a safe place to stay. Tragically, emergency shelters do not have enough beds for everyone who needs one. A new mobile app called SafeNight allows community members like you to fund a safe night for a survivor.


The challenge in serving survivors of trafficking is a lack of housing resources that are safe and geared towards this population. Often, the resource that seems most relevant for them are domestic violence shelters. However, trafficking survivors face barriers with this type of shelter including lack of available beds, and limited funding streams.


Polaris Project and Caravan Studios, through the Safe Shelter Collaborative, created the SafeNight application for mobile devices to solve the problem of too few beds and limited funding at domestic violence shelters.


SafeNight is a mobile app that meets the emergency needs of someone escaping domestic violence or human trafficking by crowdsourcing funding for temporary emergency shelter. It gives us at Opening Doors another resource to help our clients. When a survivor needs shelter, but no rooms are available, we will use SafeNight to send a donation request to users, such as yourself, to place the survivor in a safe hotel room.


The Safe Shelter Collaborative and crowdfunding helped make this groundbreaking app a reality. Crowdfunding serves as a grassroots pathway to success by bringing people together via an online platform to fund a project as a community. By drawing people to a compelling idea and specific need, crowdfunding also inspires philanthropy and creates transparency. Donors know where their money goes and how they help a cause.


Human trafficking is such a massive issue and people frequently ask how they can help. Using SafeNight is a simple way for the community to make a profound impact on a survivor’s life.


After you download the app and select Opening Doors as your shelter, you will receive an alert from a qualified staff member at Opening Doors when a survivor needs shelter. You can then make an immediate donation to pay for a hotel room. Even one night of safe shelter can be enough to jumpstart a survivor’s life towards recovery.


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