From Brew to Rescue:

Rescate Coffee in Elk Grove


June 2016


Small business owners Anthony and Ladd claim, “You can smell our coffee from a mile away!”


Conveniently nestled just off Highway 5, Rescate Coffee proudly stands as one of two locally owned roasting companies in Elk Grove. Anthony and Ladd Wiidanen-Casillas purchased the existing shop, formerly known as Grace Coffee Roasters, in early 2016. They renamed the café Rescate Coffee.


Rescate, which means “rescue” in Spanish, reflects the shop’s commitment to supporting pet rescue services. Their Facebook page frequently features photos of pups needing a loving, forever home. Rescate Coffee also donates a portion of its proceeds to local rescue efforts.


With such a friendly, compassionate, and community oriented business model, Ladd and Anthony were set to succeed. However, the business didn’t have sufficient funds to change the exterior signage on the building. Confused customers heard the business name Rescate Coffee in marketing materials, but saw a sign displaying a different name at the physical location.


That’s where Opening Doors’ micro enterprise program came in. Ladd and Anthony only needed a small loan to complete their branding efforts, and Opening Doors was able to help. Ladd says, “The loan provided us an opportunity to get our exterior signage in place… Now when we push our marketing efforts, we… present our customers with a full signage package.” Their branding now complete, Ladd and Anthony can focus on the art of brewing coffee and baking complimentary treats. 


The small coffee shop is renowned among the local populace as a friendly, efficient, and quality establishment. Ladd brings an astounding twelve years of experience in the beverage industry, having worked for a large coffee company. Every location under his leadership increased their sales immensely. From marketing to sales, Ladd excels at it all.


Anthony, on the other hand, started his restaurant experience very early in life at his family’s business in Oak Park. That is where he discovered his talent and passion for creating baked masterpieces, specifically cupcakes. Cupcakes, deemed simple pastries by some, are art in Anthony’s eyes. His cupcakes and other pastries are requested at weddings, birthdays, special events, and by loyal Rescate Coffee clientele.


Under the direction of Ladd and Anthony, Rescate continues to be an Elk Grove favorite with its quality on-site roasted coffee, scrumptious pastries, and friendly atmosphere. Much like Opening Doors, they hold true to their mission of giving back to the community, all while creating “a quality hand crafted beverage, food product, and experience for every customer, every time.”


Support a local small business. Visit Rescate Coffee at 2475 Elk Grove Blvd #160 in Elk Grove.


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