2015 Year in Review


This year has brought continuing growth to Opening Doors along with the opportunity to serve more clients. Global situations led to an influx of refugees, and then an overwhelming show of support for our refugee resettlement work from the community.


Our donors, sponsors, volunteers, supporters, and interns are the foundation of our success. The time, money, and expertise shared with us is invaluable and we hope that you continue to support us as we take on more challenges next year.


Please read on to see what all of your support has helped us accomplish this year:

Refugee Airport Pick up


Refugee Programs
Refugee Resettlement:
As the refugee crisis escalated into one of a global scale, we began receiving refugees from Syria, and increased news coverage. All our refugee clients receive the resources they need to succeed in our community.

  • 450 refugees, obtained access to safe, affordable housing, healthcare, education, adult ESL, and employment services.

Immigration Legal Services
In its fourth year, Immigration Legal Services continues assisting clients seeking low cost immigration assistance. We also received a funding contract from the California Department of Social Services to provide free services and outreach to low-income communities.

  • 35 clients received visas enabling them to legally stay, work, and assist law enforcement
  • 80 clients are waiting to hear the results of immigration applications

Survivors of Trafficking Program
We provide all the necessary services survivors need to recover. We have also continued our success as administrators of the Sacramento Rescue & Restore Coalition in its anti-trafficking efforts, increasing our outreach capacity online and through targeted outreach efforts.

  • 49 adults and children received services through our program
  • 11,794 community members increased their knowledge of human traffickingSacPost Outreach


Prosperity Project
This program has been developing local businesses, stimulating local economy, creating jobs, and helping clients establish a financial stronghold. Our program assisting refugees with starting childcare businesses has continued to mitigate the shortage of affordable, culturally appropriate childcare.

  • 30 microloans totaling $189,500 this year
  • 36 businesses improved through business technical assistance
  • 27 business owners participated in 47 Business Expo events, and showcased their businesses to approximately 5,395 attendees


The MoneyWork$ Program continues to help underserved local residents develop financial management skills. Many go on to achieve other goals, such as growing or starting a small business or continuing their education.

  • 49 participants increased their savings
  • 53 improved their income/expense ratio
  • 12 decreased their debtFestival of Flavors fundraiser
  • 67 demonstrably improved their financial management skills
  • 68 made increased or wiser use of financial institutions

Volunteers and Interns

At the core of our organization are interns and volunteers that make our work possible by sharing their heart and giving us their time. Many of our programs wouldn’t be possible without them.

  • 43 interns gave back to the community, improved their employability, and fulfilled internship requirements for school.
  • 116 volunteers transformed lives while also enriching their own.